From Sheffield to Bergen

Thursday last week we had a second visit from Sheffield, this time a whole group of artists and curators affiliated with two artist-run spaces – Bloc Projects and S1 Artspace -, which connect studios with a gallery space to show work and arrange events. David McLeavy, the director of Bloc Projects, had initiated a first visit last year, to get a first glimpse of the art scene in Bergen, and returned now with several colleagues – Laura Clarke, James Clarkson, Ian Nesbitt and Sian Williams – for further exchange.

Their words about the days in Bergen: “A week of workshops, meetings, meals, talks and activity between a small group of artists/curators from Sheffield and artists/curator living and working in Bergen, Norway. The visit is aimed at connecting artists/curators from both cities and engaging in conversations that will develop the practice of everyone involved. We would also like to bring some artists/curators from Bergen back to Sheffield and do something in our gallery space here at Bloc Projects.” 

They made an impressive round in town to many places and people, and we want to thank for a lovely and inspiring evening with us at BAG – with presentations, food and exchange on arts practices and structures of the arts communities in both cities!

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