The smell of the forest is the same everywhere – Anne-Lise Voisin

Swap and Cone 7 are happy to invite you to the show “The smell of the forest is the same everywhere” by Anne-Lise Voisen. Anne-Lise is a French artist who has been in Bergen for roughly a month as artist in residency at Cone 7 ceramic workshop. The exhibition is the result of the impressions and ideas that she has gathered during her stay. The show is curated by Manuel Portioli and Eléonore Griveau.

Exhibition period: 16-18 December

Opening hours: Friday 17 – 20, Saturday 12 – 17 and Sunday 12 – 17. Anne-Lise will be present during the opening hours. 

Address: Bergen Ateliergruppe at Dokkeskjærskaien 1 5006 Bergen. The atelier is inside Bergen Port, so you’ll need a valid ID to come through. The entrance is by the roundabout of O.J. Brochs gate.

Following few lines by Anne-Lise Voisin 

“My installations are evocations of familiar domestic and everyday environments, in which reality and fiction are intertwined. My inspirations come from popular culture and the intimate, engaging a discussion between memory, its impact and its existence in the present.

Oscillating between documentary and fiction, I reveal an existence full of disillusionment, hope and commitment.

My production protocol almost systematically involves archiving images, sounds, obsessive writings, the need to keep photos, objects, to preserve. The exploitation of this archival and memorial material and its transformation by the plastic process makes it a work of transmission, in order to set a boundary to oblivion. So I produce forms, objects that are part of popular culture, diverted, rethought, personalized. I create a memory, that of a culture of taste that is disappearing because of mass production, globalization and the standardization of objects produced on a large scale. My raw materials are mainly found at garage sales and second hand stores, creating a link with my memorial production and my ecological concerns.

What constitutes the memory of our time? What are the images and forms to be preserved, representative of a society in which we are still trying to reduce our impact and our footprint as inhabitants of this world? How can we counteract the erasure of images and forms? In the current climatic and social context, I am gripped by a sense of urgency about narratives and landscapes that are doomed to disappear.

The creative process is an attempt to accept the world in which we will live, to find the one we want to keep, by looking at the one before us.”


About us:

Cone 7

With an aspiration for a freedom to research in all facets of ceramic, Cone 7 is a ceramic workshop which can provide a good and evolving workplace for people willing to work with three-dimensional objects, preferably in clay and using ceramic processes. Based in Laksevåg, Vestland, our aim is not to restrict the access of our facilities to our area only but to remain an open and inclusive community with professional discussions and activities that can make the artists’ practice visible to the public.

Created by Eléonore Griveau, the Cone 7 Residency program gives the artists an opportunity to work in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience within the ceramic field. The program is in collaboration with the SWAP Project, giving the aspiring ceramicists an irreplaceable international network while they develop their personal project leading to a restitution exhibition. 



Since 2022, Cone 7 have been engaged with SWAP, an international residency and exhibition project that aims to activate and promote cultural exchange and creative cooperation between Italy and Norway. The project takes place between Calderara di Reno (Bologna), home of the cultural center Casa della Cultura “Italo Calvino” as well as the independent exhibition space Adiacenze and Bergen, the adopted city of artist and curator Manuel Portioli. The curatorship of the project is of Portioli himself and of Amerigo Mariotti and Giorgia Tronconi of Adiacenze, which has collaborated with Casa della Cultura for the realization of temporary art exhibitions since 2018.


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