all along the powerlines there is reason to love the mountains

BAG member Robin Everett participating in Solarpunk Arts Festival, Rjukan, Norway

01.07. – 25.08.2023


In Rjukan, Robin created work that generates visions of possible futures for the town and the ecosystem it is embedded in through using objects of the past to perceive and map the present. The work is an alternative audio tour spreading through the town accessible through QR codes linking to videos; a fictional future built from a preserved past revealing an invisible present.

The audio appearing in the videos was recorded using sensors & microphones connected to historical objects and infrastructure in Rjukan. This turned them into antennae’s able to receive and record electromagnetic frequencies flowing through the town today.

The audio and electromagnetic metadata captured via these historic objects was used as site-specific parameters by which a host of neural networks trained on the history of Rjukan and science-fiction literature will generate texts exploring possible futures that lay ahead for the town.

The characters, dates, scenarios, and statements are all results of these unique combinations and parameters.

Imi Maufe is part of the Nordic Letterpress Network that is currently building up a database of Letterpress printers in the Nordic countries. The founding

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LK 243 UnderSail at Mareel, Shetland

Part of Imi Maufe’s LK 243 UnderSail project is on show at Mareel, Shetland as part of this year’s Tall Ships Races event–craft/imi-maufe—LK 243-undersail

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EBBE+FLOW exhibition will travel to DUNOON-MOCA (museum of contemporary Art) in South West Scotland BAG artists involved: Sarah Jost, Imi Maufe and Marit Tunestveit Dyre

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Besøk av kulturbyråden

Idag har BAG hatt et veldig hyggelig besøk av Kulturbyråd Eduardo Andersen, rådgiver Steinar Sekkingstad og politisk rådgiver Regine Olsen-Hagen. Styret ved Sabine Popp, Malin

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Children’s Forest Pavilion

BAG member Robin Everett collaborating with Neringa Forest Architecture (Nida Art Colony) representing Lithuania at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2023

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(w)ORD: EBBE+FLOW travels now to Grinneabhat, North Bragar, Isle of Lewis Preview: Saturday 13. May 5.30pm Open: 13. May – 17. June 2023 (w)ORD :

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