BAG Art Camp 2017

Self-Directed Residency


This year BAG Art Camp is a self- directed residency with invited Scottish Artist and Curator David Faithfull. David has the use of a large studio at BAG and will be here in July 2017. At the start of the residency David along with resident artists from USF and HKS will be invited for lunch at BAG, after which David will be working on new body of work and a collaborative project for the Society of Scottish Artists. 

For more information about David’s work see here.


For this years second edition of self-directed residency, BAG ArtCamp has invited Katarzyna Roman to use one of our studios for the period of one month in November 2017. She will have the view of the harbour and be able to watch and record the shipping activity, distant islands, city life and maybe a seagull or two. Katarzyna Roman is a printmaker, illustrator and graphic designer, who graduated with a Master in Printmaking from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland in 2016.

”In all of my artworks, I use a large number of dots. Mastering the intricate technique allows me to focus on important details which build the whole picture. I am very interested in combining elements of two or more seemingly unrelated worlds – animals, plants and architecture.
During my BAG ArtCamp residency I would like to create a serie of illustrations where elements of Bergen’s architecture interlace with fauna-floristic motives. To achieve that I would love to let myself be inspired by the sea, forests and seven mountains surrounding the city”.

For more information about Katarzyna’s work see here

BAG Art Camp 2017 was organised by Imi Maufe with assistance of Marit Tunestveit Dyre.

BAG Art Camp 2017 is supported by Bergen kommune.