BAG Art Camp 2015

From Bergen to Melbu

BAG Art Camp was invited by Nordland Academy for Arts and Sciences to be the festival artists during Sommer-Melbu in July 2015.

For BAG ArtCamp 2015 a group of nine artists from Bergen Ateliergruppe travelled to Melbu in the North of Norway for an intensive two week-long workshop resulting in an exhibition during the Summer-Melbu festival. The artists developed site specific works and interventions in the newly restored building of Melbu Felleslageret, working with concepts that looked at the historical, social, physical and cultural connections between Bergen and Melbu. Historically these two places are connected by the transport of dried fish and since the 19thC the coastal steamer that runs the length of Norway northwards from Bergen.

The participating artists were Ragnhild OhmaMarit Tunestveit DyreSabine PoppMalin Lennström-ÖrtwallImi MaufeArne RyggSarah JostMarianne Morild og Anja Ulset. The exhibition  “og at vi sammen bar” showed various installations, photos, video, drawings, performance and wall papers.

Sponsors and partners for BAG Art Camp 2015 are Bergen kommune, Art Council Norway, Sommer Melbu and Bergen Ateliergruppe.