BAG Art Camp 2012

International Artist Workshop

The first BAG Art Camp was arranged as an international workshop/ residency taking place from May 29th to June 11th 2012. For this edition of BAG Art Camp thirteen international artists were invited to Bergen to share experience and knowledge, talk and investigate possibilities for artist initiated projects in a wide perspective.

By organising projects, meeting points, shows etc outside of the traditional frameworks and institutions for art, artists can work independently of existing structures and hierarchies, and create their own possibilities to communicate their work. In BAG Art Camp participants will use their own practices and interests as a starting point for thinking, discussions and production around this theme.

The two week intensive workshop included artist talks, individual and collective production, discussions and social events, as well as visits to artist run spaces, studio collectives and exhibition openings etc. The workshop focused on the meeting between local and international artists with different backgrounds and experiences.

The workshop concluded with an event open to the public, where ideas, processes and results were presented. The event ” The White Circle” intended to be an open platform for discussion around artist initiated practice where the guests were encouraged to continue the conversation with the participants over some good food.

The participating artists were  Elida Brenna Linge from Norway, Gakunju Kaigwa from Kenya, Sara Khan from Pakistan, Cape Verde born and Netherlands based Alex da SilvaIrwan Ahmett and Tita Salina from Indonesia, Bashar Alhroub from Palestine, Gayle Meikle from Scotland, Ylva Trapp from Sweden,  Hungarian born and German based Krisztina Fazekas-Kielbassa, Denmark born and living and working in Norway Tulle Ruth Koefoed, South Korean and London based Jinhee Park and Frances Arnold from England.

Sponsors and partners for BAG Art Camp 2012 are Bergen kommune, Arts Council Norway, European Curtural Foundation, BKK, Triangle Network and Bergen Ateliergruppe.