Oslofjord Ecologies

Sabine Popp is invited to present the background material for her newly started project Agential Matter (Invisible Landscapes) for the Oslofjord Ecologies Workshop, initiated by Kristin Bergaust.

The Oslofjord encompasses ecological connections and challenges that are specific and tangible, as well as cultural practices and interactions with the environment and its populations.
The Oslofjord is nature, economy, infrastructure, biology, materiality, culture and history as well as future plans and challenges.

How can new concepts of knowledge, artistic methods and interdisciplinary engagement contribute to formulate sustainable relationships to the environment? Together we will focus on ideas and possible strategies for future developments and productions.

Presentation of Oslofjord Ecologies outcomes and further questioning at
Open house 27th of November, from 1 – 6 pm
Atelier Nord ANX, Olav Ryes Plass 2, Oslo

more information and detailed program to be found here

Oslofjord Ecologies Workshop is WorkLab 4 in the framework of Renewable Futures,
which is a network and a Creative Europe project.