In Conversation

Anna Christina Lorenzen deltar ved Wasanii International Artists Workshop 2011 i Kenya

From 14st – 28th August 2011, Kuona Trust Centre for Visual Arts will be holding its 11th International Artists’ Workshop at the Elsamere Field Study Centre in Naivasha, Kenya.

Wasanii International Artists’ Workshop is part of the larger Triangle Network workshops and this year’s theme is “In Conversation”. The emphasis this year is on discussion, dialogue and debate, though artists will not be discouraged from making art, the goal of this workshop is to encourage conversation around artists’ practice and to document this artistic exchange across cultures.

The two-week workshop will bring together artists and writers working in various disciplines to share ideas, experiences inspired by the context, discourse and the opportunity to work alongside other artists.

 21 artists – Landry Mbassi (Cameroon), Ephrem Solomon (Ethiopia),Margaretha Schöning (Germany), Jason Gray (UK), Temitayo Ogunbiyi (USA), Jigna Padhiar (India), Victoria Udondian (Nigeria), Resta Nyamwanza (Zimbabwe), Simbah Pilé (Barbados), Gadi Ramadhani (Tanzania), Anna Christina Lorenzen (Norway), Madiha Sikander (Pakistan) and Wanja Kimani, Otieno Gomba, Kevin Irungu, Gor Soudan, Sidney Mang’ong’o, Anthony Okello, Edward Orato & William Wambugu from Kenya will participate.

 During the workshop participants will be expected to present their work to each other and to the public. The workshop will end with an Open Day on Saturday 27th August, when the public will join the artists in celebrating the outcome of the two weeks.  The workshop will be documented for a short film.