BAG Art Camp 2019 – (w)ORD workshop – Norway

(w)ORD is a cultural and creative collaboration between Scottish and Norwegian artists looking at common historical, cultural and geographical connections with an emphasis on the use language in art.

After the pervious stage of the project, which took place on the Isle of Mull, on the West Coast of Scotland in 2018, the selected artists will participate in a two week long workshop in locations on the West Coast of Norway from 24th August til 6th September 2019.

We will be hosting a one day seminar at Bergen Ateliergruppe studios – with speakers talking about language, place names, geology and kelp forests, interwoven with word play exercises facilitated by the Bergen based artist group – Tekst. The artists will also present their work. Speakers at the seminar are Eldar Heide, Hanne Sophie Greve, Øystein Jansen and Sabine Popp. 

During our time in Bergen we will be making field trips to amoung other places: Hordamuseum, Lysekloster, Bergen Skogsselskapet (Bergen Forestry Group), and the Manuscript and Special book collection at the University of Bergen.  

After this period of research and learning we will travel by boat to an old smallholding in Gulen, and spend ten days working with ideas, dissuasions, collaborations and future plans. During this time we will visit Gulating. (

At present the outcome of the (w)ORD workshop is open and unknown, but we are investigating exhibition opportunities in both Bergen and Scotland, alongside publication possibilities. 

The participants for (w)ORD 2019 are:
Co-curators / artists: David Faithfull (SSA) & Imi Maufe (BAG)

Selected Norwegian Artists:
Marit Tunestveit Dyre
Sarah Jost
David A Rios
Randi Annie Strand

Selected Scottish Artists:
Jon Mcleod
Calum Wallis
David Lemm

This years BAG ArtCamp 2019 has been organised in association with:
The Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) and is co-curated by Imi Maufe (BAG) and David Faithfull (SSA).

For more info about Bag Art Camp and our blogg from 2018:  or

With thanks
Financially supported by Bergen kommune, Creative Scotland and the artists involved.
With special thanks to Solveig and Orlaug Brekke for their amazing hospitality and for the use of their cabin in Gulen.
And special thanks to all the participants of the seminar and for those that have taken time to show us hidden treasures in and around Bergen.
We thank you all for supporting and collaborating with this artistic workshop.