The Bergen Biennale II: The Next Generation

Gandt and Ytter Presents The Bergen Biennale II: The Next Generation

November 19, 20 & 21
at The Woodmill, London
Neckinger, SE16 3QN, London, United Kingdom

The launch of Gandt Issue 12 ‘The New No’ featuring Me & My Friends (Zurich/ London), Alphabet Prime (Stockholm) and an adjoining schedule of readings in collaboration with P.A.S.T. Projects (London).

Artwork from Ytter Anngjard Rustand, Vilde Andrea Brun, Anne Marthe Dyvi, Julie Lillelien Porter (Bergen) Oliver MacDonald (London), Linda Rogn (Bergen), Vilde Salhus Roed (Bergen) and Alexis Dirks (Glasgow).

Performances by Jenny Moore (London), Nicole Bachmann (London/ Zurich), Patrick Coyle (London), Sophie Risner (London), and Anngjerd Rustand (Bergen).

Screenings of American video artists curated by Jason Underhill (Los Angeles) as well as ‘Total Recall 2’ by Karen Nikgol (Bergen).

Sets by comedian Chris Boyd (London), The Invisible Bees (London), Karen Skog Orkestra and her own-made instruments (Bergen).

Haircuts from Miss B’s Hair Salon (London)??The much-anticipated premiere of the feature-length film ‘The Road to Margaritaville’ by Jason Underhill (Los Angeles) follwed by a communal, artist-made dinner for 40 and director’s talk.

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Lisa Him-Jensen på Borggården USF i november

What You Should Have Asked Your Doctor

You are shockingly normal.

After a good night’s sleep and a steady breakfast
You will not be made an exception.
One breath will be your one last breath. The world will go on, you won’t. It’s quite normal. You are quite normal.

Lisa Him-Jensen arbeider med tegning, maleri og tekst. Hennes kunst tar utgangspunkt i hverdagens katastrofer, like uutgrunnelige som et hvilket som helst av universets mysterier. Sosial mislykkethet er en tragedie, samfunnet er et prestasjonssamfunn. Man gjør klokt i å prestere. Dette trenger inn også på det personlige planet, hele veien inn i sjelen.